I won't be bloggin here anymore. I've found a deeper meaning to blog~ Bye friends!=) If you're interested on what exactly i meant, ask me for the link.

My simple economic equation that determines the value of things is value = scarcity of resources. There is an old Chinese saying that things are valuable because of it's' scarcity. The lesser the supply of a thing, the higher the value it will be and vice versa. When we need air and air is in abundance, it in a sense will have no value. This is the same as water. Water is so valuable when you are in the dessert but becomes cheap when you are near the river.

This, sometimes, has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of the thing itself. Diamond is so valuable not because it has much value by itself. It is purely the scarcity that drives the value up. Do we really need diamond to wear as a ring or necklace to survive? It is certainly "No". Or would diamond still be so valuable if the supply increase by a million folds today. The answer is too "No".

Water is so important to our survival. Our body is made up of almost all water. We will probably die out of water in a few days. But why water is cheaper than Wine or a can of Coke. This is because there is plenty of water around.

Remember the world is made up of two third in water. Worst to the worst, we can squeeze out potable water from the sea through desalination or any other technique at a cost. Australia and USA are in some kind of project to recycle sewerage water for drinking. Our very own Singapore has developed a superior NEWater. Moreover, we're already exporting our water technology. Maybe that's the underlying reason for the Water Week.(thr has to be sme hidden agenda behind it.- like trading water for oil?) And as long as the cost to produce water is less than oil, the value will still be less.

Oil was dirt cheap once. It cost only a fraction of it does now few years ago. A liter of gas from a gas station was only US$ 0.25 in 2003. It is almost a US Dollar now. Again, it is the economic equation of value = resource scarcity.

China is the main cause to drive up oil price. Chinese economic has been on a double digits economic growth for over a decade. The amount of gas requires to fuel the economy has been by leaps and bounds. The situation has been badly aggravated by India recently. Indian economy has also been on a two digits growth for sometimes. These two nations alone have about 3.3 billions or a third of the world population. You can imagine the impact on oil demand. This has not even counted on some smaller countries like Vietnam whose economies are soaring relentlessly.

With world oil demand keeps rising and deposit keeps depleting on one hand and better water management keeps improving while water demand leveling, I will be more than happy to trade water for oil anywhere anytime on one to one. There is no possibility that water will become more valuable than oil, "NO".

CPR and Rescue 911.

Okay this is just for laughs.. no educational value at all..

I've been watching episodes of rescue 911 and they're really good. haha.. well if you're interested. You may want to watch it. =) It's NICE!

This is an amazing one!

It's an happy ending... Maybe it gives you some indication of the existence of Miracles. "Where are your wings?" haha =D It's definitely more than the cushion impact from the pampers... A heart warming video to end my day today! =)
Goodnight frens!

shopping day~

haha some of my favourite items from my shopping spree... I guess i'm still arena's fan afterall e affectionate display for TYR. haha! and some1 said i look 16 today..lol~ i m q happy to hear tt actually...

It's gonna be work work and work for the coming wk~ =) It's gonna be fulfilling as can be~ The reading didn't come true, i shall wait till e next predicted day and see if it is accurate at all.

I heard the thunder and the feel the cool breeze on my skin! It's going to be a nice nice sleep. haha~ Goodnights all!! SweeT dreamSsssssssss...

Our last theory lesson together and so i decided to take a picture of us together with my phone... haha..The first try was interrupted by a call from our trainer and somehow we waited long but the timer didn't sound.

Candy-the thinker
Sharon- the sweet lady
Azah- the cool man
Gabriel- e great networker
Yong An- the funny mathematician
Kai En- One that feels unfair when gals can dress less formally and yet acceptable.
Kerry- my old friend~

I laughed alot today, esp when i saw gabriel's pencil case! Because of the funny questions or the way it is asked. I don't see the link between laughter, high and ladies night seriously. haha! Anyways! its really great being in the same class with all of you~ Who knows, we may see each other next time in the mgmt team! haha!

You've just viewed the mansion of...

Tiger Woods.

haha. maybe if we work hard enough and with some luck, we can afford one like tt too... =D

Had quite some fun during class today. Learnt alot abt the various policies. haha.. if you're thinking of buying an insurance. hmm.. i may be able to give some advice. ;) We're treated to a breakfast meeting tmr with the department heads. That's the good thing with big organisation, but the cons is tt they have very little tolerance for room for error. We'll be gauged according to our productivity and error rates on charts, and contract is only upon renewal. haha~ but its gonna be exciting working for NTUC income.

I've redisovered this photobucket acct, makes my blogging easier. Pics featured the swim & bowling day out w eve, before her exchange at Beijing. (no news from you! haha u can always email me....i read mails everyday.=D) Enjoy youself there! haha.. =D

Had been undergoing intensive trg. Sitting in a room for 7 hrs or so simply makes me feel like a living zombie. And its not over yet!

For life-saving, Somehow my lap timing this week was slower than the last. "Why today so slow?" "I think its bcos i use a bigger shirt this time." "rubbish." haha! okays, we had to wear this long sleeved 6-button shirt. Remove it. and Jump into the water for the casualty at the other end, and tow him bck with the shirt. Haha. I felt tired on my way to my lesson aft work, but when i'm in e pool, i feel ENERGISED! + The free ride to e MRT aft lessons has saved me some time from walking. ;) mAny thanks! but its too late for supper, unless u wanna send me home aft tt.. haha =D..

I'm freed in e pool~ Woo...

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